Fatdog64 800 Final released

Just two weeks ago we released 800RC. Based on the feedback and our own day-to-day usage, we feel that it is now stable enough and can used to replace the last stable version of Fatdog 721, hence the final release.

The list of changes from 800RC isn't many, and you can check them out in the Release Notes. Forum Announcement is here.

You can get it from ibiblio and the usual mirrors:

Get it from the usual locations:
Primary site - ibiblio.org (US)
nluug.nl - European mirror
aarnet.edu - Australian mirror
uoc.gr - European mirror

In this release we also publish the ISO builder suitable for making your own custom versions of Fatdog64 800. Get it from here: http://distro.ibiblio.org/fatdog/iso/builder/ and choose the builder dated 2019.02 and the package list for 800.


Posted on 2 Mar 2019, 00:24 - Categories: Fatdog64
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