Fatdog64 812 Final is released

The release candidate was released a little over 3 weeks ago. As the reports have dried up and and we have fixed all reported bugs, it's time to release Fatdog 812 Final.

There are two features in Final which wasn't there in RC (and thus, is considered experimental because it only received short testing time): Simple Bluetooth Manager, and ALSA Loop sound server.

There is nothing special about the overdue Bluetooth Manager, but I may write a little about the ALSA Loop sound server (aloopd) later.

Release notes here, announcement (and discussions) here.

Get it from the usual mirrors: ibiblio.org, uoc.gr, or nluug.nl.

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Posted on 28 Jun 2022, 13:33 by 01101001b
"What an amazing OS this is! (Pt.1)"
I've been using josejp2424's Puppies (in one way or another) for some years now. Puppy Linux has filled me up with inmense satisfaction and I learned from it a lot. However, despite my efforts, I couldn't make it "fast" or "frugal" (even more than it is, I mean).

It was quite a positive impression when I saw FatDog64 booting faster than Puppy in my low tier system:
"My" Puppy system: 45 sec; FDog64: 20 (!) sec.
Memory usage: My Puppy system: 130MB; FDog64: 93 (!) MB.

Not only that: Apart from FDog64 is amazingly stable, it lacks nothing. One of the first things one can notice is, apps quantity in repositories seems "scarce". However, that's only the first impression: There's plenty of ways to install software: Gslapt/repositories, SFS, pip install, compiling (works like a breeze).

But I digress. I'm marveled of the way it's thought and made. It's "natural" for me how it is done. Puppy is pure genius, no doubt, but FDog64 is "elegant". Moreover, regarding Puppy, one eventually miss some more "organized" way to learn more about the system; that's where FDog64 outshines Puppy: its origin being intertwined with LFS (another marvel) is a "plus".

I'd had some previous encounter with FatDog years ago, but it was not my time yet. I was back then in a hurry (and obliged) to drop my beloved 32bit system for a 64bit counterpart. FDog64 came accross but I was not in the right mindset to learn "new" tricks at that time (I was in Puppy's "dial" mode entirely). So much so, that after failing in finding a worthy successor to my Puppy (Peebee's DPupStretch32), I had to take the plunge and do one myself (with minor but priceless assistance from josejp2424): A "DPupStretch64" of my own was born, which miraculously worked flawlessly (thanks to heaven!).

Posted on 28 Jun 2022, 13:41 by 01101001b
"What an amazing OS this is! (Pt.2)"
I can't really be thankful enough for FDog64 not using pulseaudio or systemd BS. I don't know how long will last this sound design decision, but in the meantime, thank you.

Recently I've read an article (from 2017) in LinuxInsider regarding a prior version of FatDog. I can really say FDog64 has done a long way since then.

Documentation and help is, again, amazing. So glad! Existence of man pages is a sublime decision (something I sorely missed in Puppy, despite the fact I could access a web version). They're SO useful to me!

As a personal note, Openbox/Lxpanel is a winning tandem for me (I could never get used to jwm). So, I took my chances and compiled lxpanel 0.10.0 (with a minor tweak to be able to close apps, clicking over them in task list with mouse wheel).


So much to learn. Recently I compiled Scid Vs PC (a chess game and database). I noted moves could be spoken out loud by the application, but some notification warned about some missing audio support, based on SNACK.

It took me my sweet time, but after sorting out some hindrances (of my own and others) and long searches and readings in inet, I could finally and successfully compile SNACK in 32 and 64bit.

And last but not least, I'm pretty excited by how easy is to create packages in FDog64! A MUST! Thank you for the help!

Believe me when I say I could go on and on and on about the merits of your work.

Thank you Team FatDog64!

PS: I decided to post this letter here and not in the forum because that forum's turned into a bag full of cats.
PS2: To "find" the mascot of FatDog64's name made me waste days. "Jamesbond, you diabolical..." xD

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