Fatdog64 800RC Release

About two and half months after the initial 800 Alpha release, we finally release the first Release Candidate (RC). There is one beta release in between on 20 December which I didn't get to announce here (Christmas time - busy days).

As usual it's package updates and bug fixes - but mainly bug fixes. Not only regressions caused by new packages, but also long-standing bug fixes from earlier version. Hence the recommendation to update. On my last test, I could still run this release on a 1GB Intel Atom N450 Acer eMachines netbook from ca. 2012; so if your machine is similar or more powerful than that, you can run it too.

If things are going to plan and there is no embarassing bugs, this release will become final.

This is the Release Notes; and this is the Forum Announcement; but if you're not familiar with the Alpha or Beta release I would suggest you read a little bit on both. We will probably copy and consolidate all the changes for the Final release, but not until then.

You can get it from ibiblio and the usual mirrors:

Get it from the usual locations:
Primary site - ibiblio.org (US)
nluug.nl - European mirror
aarnet.edu - Australian mirror
uoc.gr - European mirror

In this release we also publish the ISO builder suitable for making your own custom versions of Fatdog. Get it from here: http://distro.ibiblio.org/fatdog/iso/builder/ and choose the builder dated 2019.02 and the package list for 800rc.


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