Fatdog64 700 alpha1 is released

Two years after the debut of Fatdog64 600, and five (5) months in the making, Fatdog64 700 finally gets its first public release - the first alpha release.

Fatdog64 700 is built from scratch, using modified build recipes from LFS (Linux From Scratch) and BLFS, version 7.5 (the latest as of today). It features a brand new base: kernel 3.15.5, glibc 2.19 and gcc 4.8.2, and the latest or at least recent libraries of all the basic libraries, bringing Fatdog64 back to the contemporary world.

Fatdog64 700 left its PET legacy package management inherited from Puppy and switch to Slackware-style packages, using the excellent slapt-get and gslapt from http://www.jaos.org.

Forum announcement: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=791980#791980.

Get it from ibiblio or one of its mirrors: aarnet, uoc.gr, and nluug.nl.

Posted on 3 Aug 2014, 1:19 - Categories: Fatdog64 Linux
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Posted on 29 Aug 2014, 21:43 by rocket-dog
May I ask one small question? Where do we stand with TRIM and SDDs? Is it like other distro's?

Posted on 3 Sep 2014, 3:38 by jamesbond
"RE: TRIM and SSD"
rocket-dog, yes it's the same situation as others. 700a1 comes with "fstrim", which is the recommended way to enable TRIM on your SSD (use cron to schedule it).

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