Addressing your home PCs by names

If you have a few machines connected in a home network, you may want to connect to them (for administration, file sharing, streaming, etc). You can of course connect to them by using their IP address, but this gets old very soon especially if their IP address keeps changing (e.g. due DHCP server reboots, etc). You want to address them by name (by their hostname).

If you have an all-Windows network, this isn't a problem - Windows comes with facility to directly address each other (in the same subnet) with their (netbios) names.

If your machines are Bonjour/Avahi-capable, this is also not a problem - they provide similar functionality to discover name-to-address mapping (and more).

If your machines are none of these; then you will need some mechanism to somehow map the (host)names to their IP addresses, so head to this article.

Posted on 29 Oct 2013, 18:35 - Categories: Linux
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