Simple menu-based boot manager using kexec

The ARM platform doesn't have a user-visible boot manager that can match the flexibility of syslinux or Grub that enables the user to choose boot settings from many configurations at boot-time, before the operating system is loaded.

U-Boot, the ubiquitous bootloader used in many ARM platforms, is indeed versatible but unfortunately it is run before the display is ready; thus the only people who can see and interact with it are those equipped with serial console to the platform.

To that point, I have written a simple menu-based boot manager called BootMenu. This simple boot manager allows you to write a syslinux-like configuration file and presents them at boot time for you to choose. For more details, read here.

BootMenu is included in FatdogArm Alpha2.

Posted on 13 Sep 2013, 19:57 - Categories: Linux
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