A Simple Dynamic DNS for Home Networks - This article explains how to provide a simple dynamic DNS for home networks,
A Simple Menu-based Boot Manager using Kexec (BootMenu) - This article explains BootMenu, a simple menu-based boot
About Me - I am a geek and I like to tinker, especially with software. This wiki shares some of my thoughts,
Behind Javascript "Promise" - This article documents my understanding of Javascript "Promise" and how and why it is
Bluez A2DP HOWTO - This article explains how to create A2DP Sink and Source with bluez 4.x Audio and Media DBus API.
Booting GPT disk on BIOS systems - This is a simple guide to boot GPT-partitioned disk in systems with BIOS firmware
Building Localised Seamonkey (and probably Firefox too) - Firefox (and Seamonkey) is one of the most-localised browser
Copyright Notice - All my writings are copyrighted by me, licensed as CC-SA-NonCommercial-3.0, with exceptions that
Creating Nvidia Driver SFS - This article provides step-by-step instruction install and create Nvidia driver SFS from
Dual-boot Windows/Linux on Sony laptop with UEFI and Secure Boot - I recently got an UEFI laptop with Secure Boot. It
Fatdog is a versatile operating system - This article describes various use cases that Fatdog can be used - in
Finding duplicate files - There are many ways to find duplicate files. One can use fdupes, or if one wants to get a
Home - This wiki contains articles of documentary nature from my tinkering and experiments. Older articles were
How to boot Fatdog with minimum amount of RAM - This article explains the way to configure standard Fatdog so that it
Installing Multirom on Nexus7 - This article outlines the steps that I did to install Multirom to a plain vanilla,
kbstate [Updated 2015-12-28] - A small Linux tool to detect keyboad state (=key-pressed state) from shell. Useful for
Making VirtualBox Guest Addition for Fatdog - This article explains how to create a guest installation package for use
Multi-seat on Linux, demystified - This article explains what multi-seat is, how it works, and how it is done on
Patches page - This page consolidates a small collection of patches that I have created lately, in no particular
Running new applications on old glibc - Glibc (short for GNU Libc, or GNU C Library) is a library that provides the
Running Puppy ARM for Raspberry Pi without Raspberry Pi - This HOWTO is dedicated to those who wants to help Barry
Running Slacko under Fatdog64 - This article presents the steps to run 32-bit Slacko Puppy under 64-bit Fatdog64
Using VNC when both the server and client are behind NATs - This is a guide on how to use VNC when both the server and
World Map Stat Counter - If you visit and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a
Xannotate, a desktop annotation tool - I like gromit. It is a tool to do desktop/screen annotation - you can draw on
Xscreenshot, a simple desktop screenshot tool - xscreenshot is a simple program to take a screenshot of a selected