FatdogArm Beta on XO-1.75

I have been slowly building the next version of FatdogArm (FatdogArm beta). This is a complete rebuild, based on newer LFS (LFS 7.4).

One of the major goal is to support a wider hardware base, reducing the requirement of the FPU from VFPv3 in Alpha to VFPv3-d16 in Beta; among other things.

Today it reaches a milestone - I've got it to run Xorg and JWM window manager on XO-1.75, a machine with MMP2 CPU (Armada 610 SoC), a well-known VFPv3-d16 machine (as discussed earlier).

It still has a lot to go before it reaches parity with Alpha4 (I have just completed step 5 of my original FatdogArm roadmap), but this is a good progress nonetheless.

Note: For anyone planning to do the same (glibc-2.18 on VFPv3-d16), let me save you some time: have a look at this bug entry. Apply that patch before you build glibc and save yourself some headache - otherwise all you would get from your shiny new glibc is "illegal instruction."

Posted on 18 Jan 2014, 3:28 - Categories: FatdogArm Linux Arm XO
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