XO-4 native Xorg driver for FatdogArm

I finally managed to build dovefb Xorg driver for XO-4. That means XO-4 now has a native Xorg driver (using proprietary blobs from Marvell), and should provide equal features as Fedora XO.

The difficulty with compiling the driver lies in finding the right version of the proprietary blobs to use. The one in the git repository turns out to be not the latest one, the one in OLPC RPM Dropbox is.

One thing that it immediately fixes is screen rotation (xrandr). 3D may work too, but I haven't tested that (no EGL / GLES test programs). There is no acceleration for hardware decoding though, as it is another subsystem of the SoC (VMeta) and requires complete different library ...

Anyway, with this, and the other hard work from Mavrothal, FatdogArm on XO-4 is looking very good.

Posted on 25 Sep 2013, 16:17 - Categories: OLPC XO FatdogArm
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The XOs have arrived

Good news comes in three. Firstly, I have finally managed to build Seamonkey 2.20 (see previous post). Then the day after, the first XO arrived. This one took almost 3 weeks to get to me, so I wasn't expecting the second XO to come soon (as it was posted only a few days before) - but it did, it came the day after the first XO!

Well, I've work cut for me now :) Together with the effort that mavrothal has already done for the XOs, expect FatdogArm to run on the XOs soon.

Posted on 12 Sep 2013, 18:03 - Categories: OLPC XO FatdogArm
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